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Ludum Dare

Dec 11, 2016

Ludum Dare is the longest running recurring game jam. We always enjoy entering these!

#37 Hacker Café

Welcome to the Hacker Café, the only room you’ll ever need to spend time in again!

At the Hacker Café, you use their computers, and the security is a little lacking to say the least. You’ll be bombarded with pings from questionable sources. It’s up to you to decide how (and IF) you want to respond.

Making decisions will affect your bitcoin, hacker rep (white hat vs black hat), software and hardware. Keep everything in balance to stay alive, make it to the top and most importantly, get that 1337 status.

How long will you survive?

Ludum Dare 37 Screenshot

#36 Choose your Fate

You touch some strange technology in the woods and can’t seem to make it past the day

Ludum Dare 36 Screenshot

#32 Plan.IT

Plan.IT The largest and longest running interplanetary hackathon in the Milky Way. Collect resources to build a solution to hack the other contestants planets, all while defending your own. Will you succeed?

Ludum Dare 32 Screenshot

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