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Ludum Dare

Dec 11, 2016

Ludum Dare is the longest running recurring game jam. We always enjoy entering these! #37 Hacker Café Welcome to the Hacker Café, the only room you’ll ever need to spend time in again! At the Hacker Café, you use their computers, and the security is a little lacking to say the least. You’ll be bombarded with pings from questionable sources. It’s up to you to decide how (and IF) you want to respond.

Global Game Jam

Jan 29, 2016

Global Game Jam is a tradition for us and a phenomenon worldwide. If you haven’t experienced one please do, they happen annually! 2016 Ritual River The gods have appointed you to collect the holy water from the river for your village in this daily ritual. If you let your village dehydrate you will be banished. Good luck and god speed. 2015 Elemental Adventures of Eustace Hook A 2D platformer game where it starts at the closing of a previous adventure.