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Interacting with JSON in Unity

Jun 10, 2017 • • Read in 5m

Oftentimes we find ourselves working with JSON data. Whether it’s communicating with a web server or importing and exporting data. Before in Unity the solutions were you had to write your own parser/serializer, or get a third party plugin. Semi-recently the JsonUtility class was introduced in the UnityEngine namespace. It won’t solve all of your problems, but it is a great built in tool. This tutorial builds a simple example to demonstrate handling JSON.

Query Strings (Parameters) with Unity WebGL

Nov 3, 2016 • • Read in 4m

A query string (also called query parameters) is a way to pass data through the URL into a webpage directly. They can be used to perform tasks on a webpage, such as automatically filling out a form, loading a specific asset or updating specific data on the page. Unity is able to interact directly with the web browser (WebGL builds), so a question arises; how can we apply this to our games?

Setting up a Unity dev environment on Windows

Sep 25, 2016 • • Read in 6m

Whether you are just starting with Unity, reinstalling your operating system, or helping a friend; we all have to setup development environments. I frequently do this and there are several essential things needed for a well rounded environment. I hope to share my insights so that you can create your own environment and start making games in Unity right now.

Output the Unity console to file

Jun 5, 2016 • • Read in 6m

Unity’s built in console is not bad for development, but it could use some improvement. For me filtering and saving them seemed natural and thus I set out to see what I could find. Upon realizing there wasn’t exactly what I was looking for that was open source I decided to make it.