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Setting up a Unity dev environment on Windows

Sep 25, 2016 • • Read in 6m

Whether you are just starting with Unity, reinstalling your operating system, or helping a friend; we all have to setup development environments. I frequently do this and there are several essential things needed for a well rounded environment. I hope to share my insights so that you can create your own environment and start making games in Unity right now.

Global Game Jam 2016 Postmortem

Mar 5, 2016 • Read in 5m

To introduce us and finally launch our website we decided what better way then to do a postmortem of Global Game Jam 2016!

For our second GGJ together we decided to focus on a smaller game, which allowed us to actually complete it this year! For the theme: Ritual, we created a game where you are in charge of collecting holy water for your village each day. To complete the ritual, you must pray to different gods each day to grant access to the river water.