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Relaunching the Website

Jan 15, 2017 • • Read in 1m

Over the past ~month the website has seen some enhancements, but today the biggest of all. We switched from Jekyll to Hugo as our static site generator. While Jekyll may be more mature it turned out to be difficult to tune it to exactly how we wanted. Our Tutorials are now separate from our blog. This was a big struggle point with Jekyll and it seems Hugo was built with that in mind.

Global Game Jam 2016 Postmortem

Mar 5, 2016 • Read in 5m

To introduce us and finally launch our website we decided what better way then to do a postmortem of Global Game Jam 2016!

For our second GGJ together we decided to focus on a smaller game, which allowed us to actually complete it this year! For the theme: Ritual, we created a game where you are in charge of collecting holy water for your village each day. To complete the ritual, you must pray to different gods each day to grant access to the river water.